Market Research Firms

Provide objective, actionable insights, and analysis to clients unavailable anywhere else.

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The quality of the advice and strategic insights you provide to clients…

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Learn & Define

We work with you to understand a specific market or technology to define a specific universe for analysis

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Scan the global body of knowledge, mining publicly available data using our proprietary tools, team, and process

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Deeply investigate the global business and IP landscape to uncover insights and emerging trends

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We arm you with knowledge on what everyone is doing, enabling you to quickly analyze any market, company, and technology

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We provide objective, actionable insights and analysis to clients that is unavailable anywhere else

…depends on the quality of your information.

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Identify companies who would be interested in acquiring a technology

Patent Prosecution

Determine whether to file for a patent or reject new inventions

Innovation Management

Invent better based on understanding the global landscape


Forge strategic partnerships with companies, universities, or startups


Identify potential infringers and protect from infringement

Risk Management

Identify, minimize, and mitigate risks early-on

We enable you to provide objective, data-driven insights, and analysis on any market or technology…

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Founders & Executives

Conceive strategies that maximize the probability of success

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Board of Directors

Provide better advice and understand the founder’s vision and strategy

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Understand where the company is going and why it’s important

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Invent better based on understanding the global landscape

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Understand the opportunity and potential value is commercialized

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Legal Counsel

Develop IP strategies in alignment with the business strategy

…by arming you with knowledge on what everyone is doing at the global level.