Our History

For 24 years, we have developed a process for identifying, developing, and commercializing innovative technologies.

Leaders in Innovation

We build technology companies. We have a track record of cofounding innovative technology companies that began as abstract ideas and developing them into multi-billion dollar companies that have radically transformed industries.


Year Founded

Founded in 1997 to back visionary technology, credible inventors, and technology entrepreneurs.


Company Stage

All companies have been early/seed stage and virtually all pre-revenue with little or no management team.


Our Role

We acted as co-founders and were largely responsible for creating the initial commercialization, IP, business, and financial strategy.

Our Venture Commercialization Intelligence Platform

For over 24 years, we have developed and perfected a process for identifying, developing, and commercializing meaningful technologies. We have used this process to take abstract ideas and develop them into meaningful companies that have revolutionized industries.

Today, we are offering our proprietary processes, technology, and broad range of reports via our Venture Commercialization Intelligence Platform, to assist technologists, advisors, venture capitalists, and established companies to optimize technology commercialization.

What Makes Us Different

Our Approach

We have created a specific set of measurable criteria to continuously evaluate and guide innovative technology companies to commercialization. Our criteria enables technology companies to create new technology categories and become leaders in the categories.

Our Process

Rational Design Process For New Companies – our process transforms innovation/IP from a complex legal process into a manageable and measurable business process.

Our Technology

To identify and evaluate technologies that have the potential to disrupt entire industries, we began the development of proprietary software, tools, and capabilities in 2004. After 18 years and $10MM+ invested in R&D, we have catalog of some of the best ideas in the world.

Our Reports

To guide our technology companies to commercialization, we created a broad range of reports that answer basic questions and guide basic activities. (Ex: Should I file a patent? Who are my real competitors? Should I invest in this company?).