PatentVest University

Summer Internship Program

During our six-week summer internship program, you will work with executives, entrepreneurs, and industry thought leaders to learn how to build early-stage technology companies into technology leaders. You will go through the same six-week training process as our PatentVest analysts to learn foundational skills broadly applicable to venture capital, entrepreneurship, and technology transfer.

2022 Summer Internship Overview

Working at the intersection of technology, science, and innovation, you will learn how to quickly assess and evaluate any technology, industry, or company. By the end of the internship, you will be able to produce a broad range of reports used by venture capital firms, technology companies, and technology transfer offices to make their most important business, IP, and R&D decisions.

Explore the reports you will learn how to create.
Should we file for a patent?

The average cost to file a patent in the US and WIPO is $56K. Our Prior Art Plus Report enables our clients with new inventions or provisional patents to quickly determine if they should file for a patent or mend their patent application.

Are our patents valuable?

Most companies are unaware that their patents lose value during the prosecution process. Our Prosecution Report enables our clients to quickly identify if their patents have lost value or quality during the examination process.

Who are our direct competitors?

Category leaders clearly understand how their technology differentiates from the competition. Our Targeted Landscape report enables our clients to identify their direct competitors and understand how their technology compares.