Targeted Landscape Report
Who are our direct IP competitors?
How do our patents compare?
Targeted Landscape Report
Who should the customer be?
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Founders & Executives

Conceive strategies that maximize the probability of success

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Investors & VC

Understand the opportunity and potential value of potential investments if commercialized

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Board of Directors

Provide better advice and understand the founders vision and strategy

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Invent better based on understanding the global landscape

“The narrative enabled the market value that enabled the business”

Learn how we use this process to take ideas… and build them multi-billion dollar companies

Direct Competitors
Who are our direct competitors?
How do our patents compare?
  • Identify direct IP competitors
  • Understand how you compare
  • Actively monitor their business, IP, and R&D strategy

Top innovators are aware of companies develop directly similar or closely similar technologies and/or filing patents similar. We enable you to actively monitor, evaluate, and compare their direct IP competitor’s business, IP, and R&D strategy to theirs.

Research and Development Strategy
Where should we prioritize our R&D and new product development?
  • Identify new areas of opportunity for R&D
  • Identify potential partners
  • Understand what everyone is working on globally

Top innovators are fully aware of how their R&D strategy is
enabling them to develop valuable patent claims. We enable you
to identify new areas for R&D to innovate in a meaningful way.

Global IP Strategy
Where should we focus internationally?
  • Identify where competitors’ are filing globally
  • Develop a global IP strategy
  • Protect current and future markets

Although a company may not plan on initially selling its products or services internationally, global IP protection is important for companies with global manufacturing, infrastructures, and supply chains.

Strategic Partnering
What universities or companies should we partner with?
  • Identify companies with complementary technology
  • Identify universities with innovative R&D programs
  • Innovate in a meaningful way

Identify and come up with a plan of action to partner with companies with valuable IP or R&D projects

M&A Strategy
Who are potential M&A targets?
Who may want to acquire us?
  • Identify companies with innovative technologies to acquire
  • Identify companies potentially interested in acquiring your company

Discover innovative startups with novel technologies. Identify companies interested in potentially acquiring your company.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Why should we purchase this?

Identify your direct competitors, determine where you should file a patent, differentiate from the companies, technology, and IP in your space.

What is a targeted landscape report?

A targeted landscape report answers “who is developing something similar”. Targeted landscape reports cover one specific space, and usually analyzes 25-300 patent similar to our clients technology.

How much does this report cost?

Low-end: $20K. High-end: $30K. Pricing depends on the number of patents to be reviewed by the analyst. The more patents to be reviewed, the more expensive the report. To get started, fill out our questionnaire and submit it to our analysts.

Why is it important to identify direct competitors?

Most companies are unaware of their direct competitors. This leads to companies being unable to identify what their current sustainable competitive advantage is and what it will be, as well as differentiate their technology and develop and communicate a clear theory of opportunity.