About Us

PatentVest was founded with the purpose of leveraging the knowledge and processes generated by MDB Capital, which has led to the successful development of ideas into billion-dollar companies.

Our History

Founded in 2004

Founded as an internal venture to assist our parent company MDB Capital Holdings. Created a proprietary global patent database.

Incorporated as a Legal Firm 2023

Incorporated as a Law Firm within the State of Arizona, enabling us to provide a complete suite of Patent legal services.

Commercially Launched 2024

Focused on serving promising companies outside of the MDB Capital ecosystem.

Why PatentVest?

Our technology leadership development process enables promising technology companies to create new technology categories and create the leaders of those categories.

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Our Track Record

Our IP Excellence Program has enabled over 16 companies that began as ideas or early-stage companies to develop into technology leaders with a combined aggregate market value of $26B+.

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Our Solution

The first end-to-end IP development platform to enable promising companies to create technology leadership.

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