Why PatentVest?

Visionary companies with technological breakthroughs have the opportunity to establish a leadership position in their technology area through IP.

Creating technology leadership

Our technology leadership development program provides a clear view of new technology leadership path

Technology Differentiation

Clear differentiation from competing approaches enables the creation of a new technology category.

White Space Discovery

Identifies where to focus R&D and IP development to establish a leadership position.

Integrated Strategy

Leverage IP analysis to develop a clear business, IP, innovation, R&D, and financing strategy to create the leadership position.

Validation & Commercialization

Identify potential partners and establish value-creating partnerships to provide critical validation of the technology and commercialization path.

Creates Valuable IP

Our process enables the efficient creation of IP that most traditional patent law firms are not capable of creating.

Increased Market Valuation

Enables clear articulation of strategy that is critical to efficient financing and value maximization in the public markets.

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